Children’s Program


Childrens Martial Arts Program at Choe's TKD Milford, MAAt Choe’s Taekwondo we offer a complete martial arts program for your child, Improved self concept and self-esteem are important psychological gains of martial arts instruction for children aside from the obvious physical benefits obtained from training in Taekwondo. The martial arts offer self-defense techniques that may someday save a child’s life, an important element not shared by other sports and activities. While self-defense is one of the primary reason parents enroll children in a martial arts program, the phycogical benefits derived are unlimited, Taekwondo is the best investment you will ever make in your child’s future!

Improved self-confidence and self-esteem
Confidence Choe's TKD Milford, MAFrom the first day in the dojang (Training Hall) children become aware of the belt system and the hierarchy of steps which proceed from the basic to the complex skills. The positive reinforcement that a child receives as praise from the master instructors, parents, and peers as well as skill acquisition are what instill a sense of accomplishment that one can succeed at what one sets out to do. This sense of accomplishment and positive reinforcement is what helps children build their confidence and self-esteem.

Self-Discipline and Respect
The self-discipline which is nestled in children during their participation in Taekwondo will serve as backbone throughout their difficult adolescent years. Children today are faced with much stress and peer pressure during adolescence. Taekwondo training provides children with the self-discipline which will enable them to choose the correct path in life and stand by their choices. Choe’s Taekwondo will also stress respect for the parents, siblings, and other family members. Self-discipline and Respect.

Exercise and Physical Fitness
In addition to learning self-defense techniques, children practicing Taekwondo will increase their flexibility as well as participate in cardiovascular workouts which will improve their fitness level. This, in turn will promote muscular development throughout adolescence, as well as weight lose, if need be. Physical fitness is also associated with improved mood and less depression and anxiety. Your child will no longer feel awkward at school due to lack of confidence or being out of shape.

Improved academic performance
Academic Improvement Choe's TKD Milford, MA
One of the main focuses of Taekwondo is concentration. As children increase their ability to concentrate, their attention span also increase. This in turn will have a positive effect on their school work and academic performance. Increased concentration helps children focus better, which leads to improved grades. Taekwondo training also teaches a child priorities and how to set goals.

Competition and other activities
Choe’s Taekwondo competes in U.S.T.U. sanctioned tournaments. The U.S.T.U. is the governing body of Taekwondo in the United States and is recognize by the Olympic Committee. While competition is not mandatory, it is available to students that desire the competitive aspect of training. Competition builds confidence and character, stresses good sportsmanship, and can help motivate the students. Choe’s Taekwondo regularly holds demonstrations and other activities, such as camping trips, barbecues,
parties, birthday parties, and other special training events. Some of the students’ best friends have been made in Taekwondo.

The Greatest Gift you can Give to Your Child
Give your child confidence and discipline. With confidence, nothing is impossible and your child will have a bright future.

Improve your child in these areas:

* lack of discipline and self-confidence
* overcome negative attitude and habits
* concentration problems and low grades
* abuse at school due to shyness or overweight
* improve school grades

Mission Statement

Choe’s-Quality Martial Arts is dedicated to promoting health, strength, and longevity.
We, as a team, strive for the following:

* To listen to and understand and address the wants and needs of our members.
* To continually educate and train ourselves in order to maintain our commitment to excellence.
* To educate and train our members so that they are empowered to protect themselves and maintain optimal health.
* To maintain an environment that gives each individual the opportunity to pursue and achieve a greater level of personal success and freedom.


I thought it would be very hard to learn, but with Master Choe’s instruction and motivation, it has been both fun and educational. It’s also a great stress buster. I can now prodly say that I can defend myself and my family. My husband loves the classes, too, and we are closer than ever now that we practice togrther. Taekwondo is the perfect family activity
— Franchi Family 


Both our children’s get straight “A’s” and are obedient and respectful, now. The oldest used to get picked on at school, but no more! We really believe that “the family that kicks together, stick together.”
the Crumlin family